Something Unique: SuperMe Makes Strength Training a Core Component of Its Youth Sports Programs

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When Dean Gavindane co-founded SuperMe Performance in 2013 his goal was to create a multi-dimensional youth sports program that complemented sport-specific skills training with an advanced, college-style strength and conditioning regimen. Today, SuperMe, which Gavindane created with his partner, Jarenn Stewart, a 2008-2011 member of the University of Maryland track team, is well on its way to fulfilling his vision of offering a unique training program for New York City youth.

In addition to its strength and conditioning programs, SuperMe offers private training sessions, runs summer camps, operates FORCE Basketball, a competitive youth basketball program, and recruits and trains coaches for New York City schools.

Gavindane says SuperMe’s strength and conditioning component is what sets it apart from other youth sports programs. A former 7’2” high jumper and a collegiate Track & Field All-American, Gavindane was inducted into the City College of New York Athletics Hall of Fame in 2015. He says much of his own athletic success was due to his adherence to a strict strength and conditioning program while in college. To that end, SuperMe takes the sport-specific strength programs that have made many college teams successful and introduces those concepts to middle school and high school athletes.

Gavindane says the FORCE Basketball travel program is the first and only such youth program in New York City to make strength and conditioning workouts a part of its program. All FORCE players are given a series of tests (both strength and conditioning and basketball skills) to establish their baseline performance.

After debuting in the fall of 2016 with seven teams, FORCE Basketball, headed by Randy Orsima who played for St. John’s University during the 2009-2010 season and more recently coached for the Riverside Hawks, now has 14 teams (four of which are girls) ranging from 8U to 17U. Just this spring alone, FORCE Basketball 12U boys won the Northeast Regional Tournament and their 14U boys team won the Zero Gravity Big Time Challenge Tournament.

Following on the success of FORCE Basketball, and to fully satisfy its vision of becoming a complete youth sports organization, SuperMe plans to add baseball, volleyball, soccer and lacrosse programs, each of which will also have a mandatory strength and conditioning component for its players. Gavindane says, “With this we will have the leading competitive and development program in the city.”

In launching SuperMe, Gavindane wanted to create a program that changed the way youth coaches view athletes. “I found that many coaches have a talent bias. We, on the other hand, try to give everyone an equal amount of attention. He notes that SuperMe’s philosophy is reflected in its name. “SuperMe means that everyone has a more polished version of themselves, a latent ability to feel good about who they are and what they can accomplish. That’s what we’re all about. We make sure each kid develops regardless of their talent.”

Gavindane notes there is a big difference between personal trainers who help athletes achieve their fitness goals and strength and conditioning coaches whose job is to improve an athlete’s performance. Thus, SuperMe employs coaches who are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) or as Performance Enhancement Specialists by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the same requirements demanded by college and professional teams.

At SuperMe, the focus is on growth not just winning. While teamwork is stressed, Gavindane says SuperMe’s definition of how teammates should work together goes beyond the playing field. “We want each athlete to see that it’s their job to help their teammates get better. It’s not just about one player improving their statistics. Everyone should get better together.”

SuperMe offers multiple options for the serious youth athletes;

  • The Get Strong youth sport performance summer program is a college-inspired program that helps athletes increase their power, speed and mental toughness. In the program, young athletes learn how to execute a strength program that will improve their athleticism in their respected sport. Athletes will also learn how to read a strength program card, safely operate in a gym environment, fuel their bodies for optimum performance and how to motivate and support each other.
  • FORCE Basketball Clinics consist of Sport Performance Training and Fundamental Skills Training. Sport Performance Training will include basketball-specific Strength & Conditioning and Fundamental Skills Training will include core skills such as ball handling, passing, shooting, and defense.
  • Personal one-on-one or group sessions with NASM and NSCA certified trainers. SuperMe certified personal trainers to create a fun and integrated training program tailored to the young athletes personal goals and lifestyle.

To learn more about SuperMe Performance and/or FORCE Basketball visit

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