United Sports League (Staten Island) Summer Camp

By: United Sports League

Register Now for the USL Summer Camp Academy at St. John’s University Staten Island Campus.  The camp focus is on having fun, building confidence and uniting children of all ages, gender and community. Parents will love the different programs because their children are started on a voyage of discovery into the world of sports through fun-filled days with other activities such as character building and drama. The programs are supervised by local experts who are qualified in each sport and skilled in working with children. Sports include basketball, flag football, kickball, soccer and THE USL GAMES… The Camp will be held at the beautiful facility of St. John’s University (Staten Island Campus)

  • Camp Begins: Wednesday July 5th.
  • Daily Schedule: Monday to Friday 8:45am-4pm
  • Length of Camp: 6 weeks
  • Age Range: Boys n Girls 7-13yr old .
  • Last Day of Camp: August 11
  • Fee: $999 for the entire six weeks.  ($167 a week). Reserve your spot now.
  • Extend hours Available

For more details visit www.usyl.org or call 212-256-1145.


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