Spring Basketball Training Classes!

By: Fastbreak Sports / Fastbreak Kids

Shot Club – Become one of NYC’s top sharp shooters. To become a knock down specialist practice makes perfect. This class allows for each player to receive over 100 shots a class. Use of our Shooting Gun gives players the ability to work on multiple shot types in correct form at an increased rate of shots taken.

Fastbreak Sports presents this new class; HIT (High Intensity Training) / ATTACK. This premier class gives players 3rd – 8th the opportunity to improve their scoring ability. Players will learn new techniques and improve their form while enabling them to score in the following ways; attack / drive, post-up, and shooting.

This class will also include our high intensity full body workout to develop all of the physical attributes to contribute to a stronger more complete basketball player. This class is also designed to develop and increase each athlete’s speed and agility, stamina and endurance, strength and conditioning. This is the perfect class for players looking to gain an edge during travel season.

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Location: SAINT VINCENT FERRER HIGH SCHOOL (151 East 65th Street)



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