Mo’ Motion Fall Only Weekend TRAIN & PLAY

By: Mo’Motion

Who:  Boys & Girls – Grades 3-12
*If you want Gr K-3 programming CLICK HERE!
When:  Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays
Season:  Fall (Sept 14 – Nov 4)
Where:  Upper West and Upper East options

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Weekend Only
This program is 1 weekend session per weekend.  No games are included in this program.  Fall Weekend TRAIN & PLAY ONLY is a great entry point for Mo’ Motion programs that can lead to the Fall-Winter team experience.  Intense, structured workouts push individual skills in preparation for the school hoops season, a recreational league season, and/or the Mo’ Motion team fall-winter season. Players who invest time, sweat and reps in September-November pre-season pull ahead of other players during winter basketball season.


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