Play4Autism – Fitness Club – Queens

By: Play4Autism Foundation

In partnership with The Fitness Room located at 56-39 61st Street in Maspeth, NY we are proud to announce our “NEW” P4A Fitness Club.

Meets every Saturday from 2 to 3pm and cost $15 per session.  First class is “Free”

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 Benefits of the Fitness Club

  • Teaching children to lead active lives.

  • Helping youngsters to develop healthy friendships with other kids, and encouraging kids to explore the world of dance and fitness. Zumba, for example also allows parents and kids to share fun together.

  • Children will enjoy the different motions that the instructors lead them through and generally learn the routines fairly quickly.

  • Kids generally love to dance and move their bodies in different ways, as they have a great deal of energy and like to express
    their personalities.

  • Zumba & other dance classes will encourage children to incorporate exercise into their daily life.

  • Encourages kids to move around in controlled motions like leg kicks, arm reaches, and hip sways. This activity gives children more coordination and lets them be confident with their bodies.

    Which will open the door to:

  • Enhanced FUN!

  • Improved  endurance and strength.

  • Better body coordination.

  • Exposure to culturally diverse music genres.

  • Higher self-esteem.

  • Improved communication & social skills.

  • Values of team-work.

  • Social opportunities within the community

    Overall, a healthier lifestyle! in a safe and fun atmosphere!



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