KING Hoops Basketball Tryouts

By: Kids In The Game

KING Hoops basketball program will be holding tryouts September 22 & 23rd at Leman Prep.

Learn more about our program here.

Use this link to register and hold your spot!


September 22

Leman Prep (1 Morris St)

2-3PM (3rd-5th Graders)

3-4PM (6th-7th Graders)

4-5:30PM (8th-9th Graders)

5:30-7:00PM (10-12th Graders)

September 23

Leman Prep (1 Morris St)

12-1PM (3rd-5th Graders)

1-2PM (6th-7th Graders)

2-3:30PM (8th-9th Graders)

3:30-5:00PM (10-12th Graders)


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