Big City December 9th Youth Volleyball Skills Clinic Downtown Brooklyn

By: Big City Volleyball

Big City Volleyball is excited to offer two types of Youth Skill Clinics December 9th & December 16th for boys and girls ages grouped 9-11 & 12-16.

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Spiking / Serving Clinic
This clinic will focus on two of the more dramatic shots in the game of volleyball.  Everybody wants to serve aces or win a point with a powerful spike!  At the end of our two-day clinic, students will understand how to execute these shots.

Serving – Players will practice proper serving techniques, focusing on footwork and arm movement to make consistent contact with the ball.

Spiking – In addition to developing proper arm swing and footwork, players will learn how to approach different kinds of sets, focusing on ball placement from all positions on the court.

Saturday, December 9th & December 16th Ages 9-11 years old & 12-16 year olds

Passing / Setting  Clinic
This clinic will focus on two areas critical to the success of every volleyball team – Passing and Setting. By breaking down the essentials, we will teach players to make the perfect pass and set consistently.

Passing – Players will work on form and strategy to maximize passing efficiency by running a variety of position passing drills and developing court awareness.

Setting – Teaching clean and consistent sets is the priority here. Drills will focus on helping setters put their team in the best position to attack.

All Class Start / End Times:

Dec 9th 9-11 year olds & 12-16 year Olds $50
Passing &Setting 2pm-3:30pm

Spiking & Serving 3:30pm -5pm

Dec 16th 9-11 year olds & 12-16 year Olds $50
Spiking & Serving 2pm-3:30pm

Passing&Setting   3:30pm -5pm

St. Francis College
182 Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights – 1/2 block from Borough Hall Train Station


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