Shooting Training Program with Dr. Dish at Basketball City!

By: Basketball City

Become a shooter! Improve your offensive firepower by registering for our Basketball City Shots Up training program.

Our Director of Basketball Training will take you through an intense and advanced workout program on our Dr. Dish Shooting Machines.  The program will provide you with the instruction and repetitions needed to perfect your shot, be it off the catch, the dribble or a screen.

More Details:

  • Six Session training program
  • One, hour long class (1 per week or consecutive days) 
  • Pick a Day to Train: Mondays Tuesdays Wednesday Thursdays or Fridays
  • $250 per player/ 6 Sessions

If there is a group workout, players will be paired up with one other player of similar ability on a shooting machine. All drills are progressive, to ensure that advanced players are participating in advanced drills.


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