Dr. Dish Shooting Machine Rentals at Basketball City!

By: Basketball City

Dr. Dish SHOOTING MACHINE RENTALS Take advantage of our Basketball City Shot Lab and use one or both shooting machines to work on your shot.  Our shooting machines allow you to maximize the number of repetitions by rebounding and passing the ball for you!  Just like the machines the NBA and NCAA teams use! 

In just one 30 minute session on one of our shooting machines and you can get approximately 500 shots up!

Daily sessions available. Exact times vary by day.  Each session lasts 30 minutes.  Sessions are per player
Open to Boys and Girls 13 and up with prior experience

and Adults too!!!


20 Session Pack $270 (Save $30)
10 Session Pack: $135 (Save $15)
Single Session: $15



NOTE: Packages/Sessions may not be split between players.  Each player should have their own package/session. One player per machine, per session unless it is a team session. 

Bring the Entire Team!

Are you a coach or trainer?!?!?!

Rent out the Ultimate Shot Lab for your team.  You get both shooting machines for a 30 minute period.
Team Rental: $80 (max 15 players) + Full court rental ($200).  Call to book a team session today!


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