2017 Summer Badminton Camp 6/26/17 to 8/25/17

By: New York Badminton Center

Badminton is a great aerobic exercises for juniors. There is much less weight of the racquet and less impact to kids shoulder, wrists than any other racquet sports.
It is a comparatively easier learning racquet sports. It will help kids to establish their self-esteem and self confidence! It allows the kids to have enjoyable experience early on in the learning process and having fun!

The training format works by getting kids into the game immediately. With in the first hour of stepping onto the court, they are actually play- ing the game!

It is crucial to establish a good foundation and good habits on the road to becoming a top notch player.

It helps kids to develop their fundamentals and advance skills in badminton from one technique to another.

Coaching team: 4-6 coaches with rich professional background and years of coaching experience. Students ranging from beginners to professional players.

Badminton is currently a PSAL sports for most NYC public High Schools. More and more kids are trying to learn this new sports in the US.

CAMP Information

~ Students age: 6 years old and up

~ Class period:

  1. 10am – 12:30pm
  2. 1pm – 3:30pm
  3. 4pm – 6:30pm

~ Camp options:

  1. full term ( 9 weeks )
  2. half term ( 4 weeks )
  3. any 20 days
  4. any 10 days
  5. daily bases

~ Class Levels:

Beginner Class

build skills from a scratch; accurate format in posture and footworks from the beginning; to develop competitive spirit.

Intermediate Class

build a solid foundation for advancing to a higher level; develop the ability to participate in competitive games.

Advanced Class

training with advanced techniques involving fingering, footwork, physical stamina, and strategies.

contact us:

646-271-3228 info@nybadmintoncenter.com



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