Junior Journalism Program

Do you like sports? Do you like to write? Have you ever thought of being a sportswriter/reporter?

Introducing New York Sports Connection’s Junior Sports Journalism Program. We are looking for kids (ages 13-17) from across New York City who have a passion for sports and writing.

Through this program we will provide an exciting opportunity to students who want to become better writers and reporters.

We have recruited a team of current and former professional journalists who will work with and mentor the students. Articles written by the junior journalists will be published on the New York Sports Connection web site. Note: We are not looking for young people to write about professional sports teams in NYC, there are enough established newspapers that offer that. So, don’t apply to this program if you want to write about the Mets, Yankees, Giants, Jets, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, etc. New York Sports Connection is the hub for youth and adult sports in NYC therefore our team of junior journalists will focus on writing about various aspects of youth and adult sporting activities. In most cases we are not looking for first-person essays. Rather, we want our junior journalists out in their communities, interviewing people and enlightening our audience. As of now, we do not cover school sports on a day-to-day basis or report scores (we’d like to do that in the future), but we are open to features about school teams that have accomplished something special.

Although this is a free program we fully expect students to take it seriously and dedicate the time needed to be successful. Each student will be expected to write at least one article per month on some aspect of youth sports in NYC. We are not looking for articles on your school sports teams. We will work with students on possible topics and guide them along the way. We understand that kids are busy with school work. If your child doesn’t think they can meet the monthly story requirement please consider not applying.

How to Apply

Complete the required fields below, have your parent verify that they have read the official rules and submit a short (50 words will do) statement on why you want to write about sports for New York Sports Connection and why you believe you would be a good reporter. The essay must be 50 words or less and written in English.

Be sure to read the official rules and share them with your parent or guardian as they must sign the application and submit it electronically. Applicants must be between the ages of 13 and 17 as of September 1, 2016. All applicants must agree to the official rules for consideration.

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