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NYC Sports Person: Kids of Summer Sports’ Brian Handell

A native Upper West Sider now helps teach sports to local youth.

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Harlem Cheer Program Aims to Facilitate Young Girls’ Development

Harlem Girls Cheer works to develop girls into accomplished, active and confident women.

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Something Unique: SuperMe Makes Strength Training a Core Component of Its Youth Sports Programs

SuperMe offers young athletes a mix of strength and conditioning along with sport-specific skills training.

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Relaxing with Crocodiles, Stretching with Cobras; Yoga for Young Athletes

Yoga can help young athletes improve their flexibility, balance, strength while also reducing stress.

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Changeups Confuse Batters, But Don’t Harm Young Pitchers Arms

Throwing curveballs can damage the arms of young pitchers, so why not throw a changeup instead?

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